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Earth-Sized Planet Discovered in Star System Closest to Our Own

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Published on: October 17, 2012

Following in the heels of the discovery of an extraordinary star system with a planet orbiting a quaternary star, comes the discovery of a near twin of Earth orbiting a star in the trinary star system of Alpha Centauri, the closest system to our own, at a distance of just […]

Martian Triangle

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Published on: August 21, 2012

The “Martian Triangle” is back. You can see it tonight beaming through the twilight in the southwestern sky after sunset. The triangle is a triple conjunction of Mars, Saturn, and blue-giant star Spica.   The crescent Moon makes an appearance as a bonus.  Don’t miss it!

Venus and Jupiter Cross Paths

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Published on: March 20, 2012

We really didn’t expect to see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter last week as we are experiencing one of the cloudiest and wettest winters in recent memory, but much to our surprise the clouds broke last Wednesday night to glimpse the conjunction. [Click on the image to enlarge]

Planets in the Sol System

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Published on: February 27, 2012

  Mercury (☿) is the closest planet to the Sun but not the hottest. That distinction goes to Venus. The planet was named after the Roman messenger of the gods because it moves quickly through the sky. Mercury is a small, grayish planet that is often said to resemble the […]

Six Planets Now Aligned in the Dawn Sky

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Published on: May 4, 2011

Geoff Gaherty, Starry Night Education, – Thu Apr 28, 10:31 pm ET If you get up any morning for the next few weeks, you’ll be treated to the sight of all the planets except Saturn arrayed along the ecliptic, the path of the sun through the sky. For the last two months, almost […]

The Week In Space – March 26, 2010

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Published on: March 29, 2010

‘VSS Enterprise’ takes flight and ‘space for the rest of us’ moves a step forward, the Martian Rite of Spring commences while the folks at JPL prep a ‘rover on steroids’ for departure for the Red Planet, the Wizard Nebula is ready for its close-up, Roller Derby on Saturn’s rings, […]

Sky This Week – March 21 through 27, 2010

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Published on: March 25, 2010

Mercury reappears in the evening sky. It will be 5 degrees to the lower right of Venus by the weekend. Mars is decreasing in apparent size and brightness. Saturn is at opposition on Sunday.

Lunar Phase
Current Moon Phase
Courtesy: U.S. Naval Observatory

Current Sun
Current Sun Image
Courtesy: NASA

Clear Sky Chart
San Antonio Clear Sky Chart

Sun/Moon Rise/Set Times
Sun/Moon Rise/Set Times

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