The Rise of the Zombie Comet

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Published on: November 29, 2013

Yesterday, Comet ISON died.

Earlier today, with CNN was reporting that it was very much alivel, I looked around for some reliable source to confirm that Comet ISON has survived. So UniverseToday,, and the BBC confirmed CNN’s story, sort of.

It appears that something of ISON survived, but scientists aren’t sure if it is a fragment of the nucleus, a chunk that calved off, or, debris. But what ever it is, it is behaving like a comet. no one is sure how long this zombie comet will survive.

Post Solar Comet ISON
Bright, brighter, brightest: these views of Comet ISON after its closest approach to the sun Nov. 28 show that a small part of the nucleus may have survived the encounter. Images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. Credit: ESA/NASA/SOHO/GSFC

Post Solar Comet ISON
After its closest approach to to the sun on Nov. 28 (left), Comet ISON appeared a dim shadow of its former self (at right). “The comet may still be intact,” NASA wrote on Nov. 29. Images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. Credit: ESA/NASA/SOHO/Jhelioviewer

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