2013 Texas Star Party – Sign up now!

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Published on: December 3, 2012

The great tradition of dark sky observing continues with the 35th Annual
TEXAS STAR PARTY, May 5-12, 2013!

Staying on the Ranch in housing, RV, or camping? Staying off-site in other accommodations? Everyone needs to enter the TSP drawing, held in late January.

You should submit a Registration/Reservation Request Form to ENTER THE TSP DRAWING before January 15, 2013. This will provide you the highest possible chance of being selected as one of the 500 people who will be able to attend TSP this year.

Follow this link to get started!


You can find out the status of your TSP Registration at any time by visiting

We have some really neat new stuff for TSP 2013… including
– The 1st annual Texas Imaging Symposium,
– Scope Check Using Resolution Target (SCURT),
– Map my Scope feature
Find out about these and other news at:

Questions? Visit our web site for the latest and complete details!
http://www.texasstarparty.org/ or email TSPRooms@TexasStarParty.org

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