Texas Wildfires

Much of San Antonio and Bexar County are under the smoke cover from wildfires north of us. The smoke density over our area ranges from 25% to 100%. The lowest density of the smoke cover extends along I-10 from Houston to past Ozona.

Texas Wildfires
Courtesy: Time.com

At the time of this writing, the closest wildfires are on the north side of Canyon Lake, including one at Canyon Park. There is also a fire near Shady Hollow, a couple of fires just east of Marble Falls, a half dozen fires south of Barton Springs, and another fire at the Mansfield Dam Recreation Park at Lake Travis. There are more fires near Pflugerville and east of Round Rock. The worst of the fires are just east of Bastrop and to the east of Lockhart. There is also a fire west of Telegraph.

You can keep an eye on these fires at the WeatherUnderground.

The National Weather Service has issued an Air Quality alert for Bexar County due to smoke from the Bastop fires as well as the fire in Leon Springs and those in the Tyler-Longview area.

There have been a few wildfires in Bexar County over the last few days and every day that goes by without rain increases our already high chances of these fires popping up. So let’s be careful out there. If you smoke, don’t flick lit cigarettes or cigars into grassy areas. Don’t park your hot vehicle in grassy areas.

  1. Scott Logan says:

    UPDATE: More than thirty units from the San Antonio Fire Department, Hollywood Park Fire Department, and Volunteer Fire Department units from Bexar County are battling a two alarm brush fire in north Bexar County near Stone Oak Parkway and Evans Road.

    Read more at http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Two-alarm-fire-threatens-homes-in-Stone-Oak-2156301.php

  2. Scott Logan says:

    UPDATE:It took about 3 hours to contain, but more than 40 units from SAFD and other regional fire departments have the north Bexar County fire under control.

  3. Scott Logan says:

    UPDATE: There are four new wildfires reported in Bexar. Two in the Stone Oak area, one to the west of Highland Oaks, and one just north of Pearsall.

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